Friday, 5 July 2013

Steading Exhibition

Some work from the Newhaven Station project, installed in Morebattle. Many thanks to Helen Kemp and Paul Grime, who curated a wonderful and diverse selection of fine art and design.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Steading - Exhibition

Showing some work in this exhibition of artists and makers in June. If you're anywhere near, feel free to come along to the private view, mentioned above.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Newhaven Station - Photography

Below are the photographs I took for the Newhaven Station exhibition, which opened on Friday night.  I'll be posting some install images of the space and the opening in the next few days, but in the meantime, here's some of the work I made during the 2 very cold but interesting weeks in the space.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Newhaven Station - poster & Press release


A site for new art works and a new use of space

Open Install Afternoon: Tuesday 12th March 2013, 12–5pm
Preview: Friday 22nd March 2013, 7–9pm
Exhibition: Saturday 23rd March–Friday 29th 2013
Newhaven Station, 85 Craighall Road, “Bridge No. 12”, Edinburgh, EH6

Newhaven Station is an explorative exhibition into the transformation of space by three Edinburgh-based artists, responding to the North Edinburgh site with new video, sculpture and wall-mounted works.
Richard Taylor, Dickie Webb and Claudia de la Peña, all artists who have previously worked on separate projects, come to together for the first time with works investigating Newhaven Station’s current stasis.
Since its discontinued use as a public railway station in 1962 the building has evolved from a carpentry workshop into an abandoned space ripe for development. In its present reality Richard Arnot, the owner of Newhaven Station, has gifted the artist’s use of the station as it nears a final transformation into freelance office space.
The artists will respond to this flux in the station’s use, peeling away layers of history and community, to decipher new avenues in their individual practices and discover journeys as a collective group. Richard Arnot, “As a resident of North Edinburgh I felt this would be an interesting project to support. It’s great to be able to provide much needed space for Richard, Dickie and Claudia, and to see how Newhaven Station might continue to contribute to a steadily expanding cultural scene in the north of the city.”
Holly Knox Yeoman, the exhibition organiser, first realised the potential for the space during Doors Open Day Edinburgh 2012 and has since been working to coordinate an exhibition of artists’ work. Yeoman adds “I grew up round the corner from the building and was always intrigued by its destitute structure. Through Doors Open Day and meeting Richard Arnot, it was fantastic to see the building returning somewhere closer to its former glory. The site-responsive works produced between the artists will hopefully create a welcoming invitation to local people, furthering dialogue surrounding the nature of the building as a forgotten landmark.”

Open Install
On Tuesday 12th March, the doors of Newhaven Station will be open, welcoming people in to the space to meet the artists and enquire into the process in which they are working to create their works and exhibition. Independent curator and writer Kate Grenyer will also be present, observing the creative interactions between the artists, initiating critical discourse beyond the exhibition.

For further information please email –

With special thanks to The Starbank Inn and additional thanks to Porto&Fi Deli Bistro Cafe

Richard Taylor
Richard has produced a new set of work including free standing and hanging sculptures, wall mounted drawings and objects, and floor-based dioramas. Each work will reference the other through a 'mini-game' status. ‘Mini-game’ is a deliberate positioning of a certain lost character that finds itself during sessions put aside in the studio. In order to address this status the works, as they are visited and re-visited over a period of time, may look unfinished in their overworked state, require closer inspection and participation, or will only reach completion through site-specific response.

Richard Taylor (b. 1985, Sheffield), a 2007 graduate from Leeds University, is an artist and writer based in Edinburgh. The roots of his ideas start as short stories or small pencil drawings that depict intentions or actions addressing ulterior characterisation or modes of production. Recent projects have seen ideas develop into collaborations, performances, installations and published works. In 2012 Richard exhibited with The Mutual and artist Jennifer Picken at GI 2012; undertook a residency at AWA Gallery in Amsterdam; performed at [STATE] of Uncertainty in Birmingham; and showed work at an open studio event in Chelva, Spain.   

Dickie Webb 
Dickie’s site responsive approach to Newhaven Station will parallel the building’s transitory state and renovation, creating a heterotopic environment that appears distanced from the here and now.  As considered material choices echo the surroundings, additional frameworks and scaffolds - displaying metaphorical forms, images and panels - will allow the viewer’s imagination to project an experience that is greater than the station’s architecture, transporting them to a place with uncertain boundaries. 

Dickie Webb (b. 1979, Oxford) is currently in his final year of Intermedia Art at Edinburgh College of Art and splits his time between New Zealand and the UK. This nomadic life stimulates considerations within present work, questioning our changing relationship with disremembered spaces. Recent projects have included subtle object abstractions using processed materials to create sculptures that sit somewhere between the familiar and imaginary. He has exhibited work at The Kitchen Gallery, Clermont College, Batavia, Ohio, USA and at The Demarco European Art Foundation, Edinburgh.

Claudia de la Peña
Claudia will create new sculptural pieces that react to the pictorial potential of Newhaven Station. Through a series of site-specific gestures, she considers the symmetry of a more personal artistic intervention alongside the broader re-engagement of this previously disused, yet historically rich, space. This positive renewal is pertinent to her sympathies towards the recycling of found materials, both in function and substance.

Claudia de la Peña (b. 1988, Edinburgh), a 2011 graduate of Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, is a cross disciplinary artist currently based in Edinburgh. At its core, her work is an investigative tool to create and understand meaningful dialogues between materials, both in physical and symbolic realms. Her practice is often site specific using found, made and raw materials punctuated with photographic elements.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

I made this collage for a group show at Whitespace last month. I literally have no idea whether it's any good as I've not been seriously making work for a while.

Let's face it, it's no Q-tip digi-collage, but hey, lady luck can't strike you every time....

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Malcolm Fraser and Kirsten McKee | Adaptation Event

Malcolm Fraser and Kirsten McKee | Adaptation Event
22-28 Cockburn Street | EH1 1NY
7 p.m.

Places are free but limited.
To book, click here.

Collective are hosting a special one-off event with architectural historian, Kirsten McKee and architect, Malcolm Fraser to coincide with the end of our current exhibition, Adaptation. Kirsten recently completed her PhD thesis on the landscape, politics, architecture, social organisation and culture of Calton Hill and its environs throughout history. This research is informing Collective's future plans. Malcolm is Director and founder of Malcolm Fraser Architects who are currently developing an architectural master plan for the long-term development of the City Observatory on Calton Hill for Collective.

In the event, Kirsten will draw on her extensive knowledge of the history and architecture of Calton Hill to introduce and contextualise Collective's new location and its varied history. Malcolm will reflect on his previous experience of working with cultural organisations and redeveloping historic buildings to consider how this new location might impact on Collective's identity, and how such a dramatic change could develop the ambition of the programme.

Adaptation is a phased, year-long research project initiated by Sarah Tripp with Collective. The project considers the effect that change can have on form and content - which is particularly pertinent at this time when the gallery is in its own process of adaptation.

Collective plan to relocate to The Old City Observatory from July 2013 and will develop a programme for the new space to occupy the site in a phased way over the next year.

Sponsored by anCnoc whisky.


As our time at Collective comes to an end, Carly and I decided to programme a tie-in event relating to Collective's Big Move next year. Really looking forward to it, and hoping lots of people can come - we're super excited to have nabbed these two great speakers.

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