Sunday, 1 February 2009


The closing of our exhibition is this Friday. I'm pretty excited.

I'm doing a few screen prints for it. I know nothing about screen printing so Mark-the-printing-tech has kindly allocated some time tomorrow to do some. I want to just get em done bish bosh bash... which is exactly the type of thing I shouldn't mention to him. i don't want the printmaking dept to feel taken advantage of, like I'm some sadistic silkscreen rapist. but I've got so much shit to do this week!

I also envisage some pretty simple collages, a few photographs, and this painting i started yesterday. it's on canvas and could either turn out to be a cringeworthy disaster or my one triumph in the past 2 weeks. pessimistic much? hah.
i also thought making my silly wee animal drawings into a book could be nice. just a few concertina things...nothing fancy, just they might look nice displayed on a table. or something. maybe a cheeky wee bit of text along side....but can it have text if the image and words are totally unrelated? fuck it, it's my party and I'll create naff books if i want to.
i do have a bit of fear that all my stuffs gonna look a bit schizophrenic and incoherent...but I'm lucky in that all the ladies I'm exhibiting with have pure mad skillzzz.

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