Thursday, 25 February 2010


I've been involved with the Kill Your Timid Notion festival this week, taking place at the DCA. It is a week-long event, taking the form of film screenings, talks and workshops run by various interesting artists from all over the globe. The week will culminate in a series of performances, experimental films and general mind bendy artyness over the weekend, hopefully with a good chance to talk between events and drink wine.
A wee excerpt from the website, detailing the ideas behind the festival:

“One thing my films tend to do is examine a property or quality of a film in a radical way. Being radical is a modest form of being extreme. They each examine an axiom of cinema¹ and say, ‘What if?’”
Morgan Fisher
We humbly submit KYTN as an attempt to (or a have a stab at it at least): do what Morgan says above, strip back music & sound, film & moving image to their core, think about how they might be refocused and used to say something about the world we live in now, test afresh and for ourselves the implications of the radical concepts these art forms are built upon.

On Tuesday and Wednesday [I had some serious back pains on Monday and therefore useless to everyone] I was invigilating at the DCA. It was something I volunteered for, and was glad to help out, but would definitely have preferred to attend the day long workshops instead-as i had already done my professional practice last term. I managed to sit in on a couple, but it's just not the same as getting really stuck in.Luckily for me, I get a free weekend pass [worth 20 quid] so I will make up for lost time then.
There's been a bit of a luke warm response from many fine arters. but it's something new, different to the norm and gets you away from your comfort zone and away from the studio-some very good reasons to head along this weekend!

the weekend performances were extremely hit and miss. i must confess to being disappointed and questioning where and how the lines blur between painful and boring pretentiousness and exciting, engaging performance...

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