Friday, 12 March 2010

top priority

This week I've been in the small whitespace, working very hard to try and create some new pieces and generally move my work along before assessments. I've used it as a time to get out of the studio, and reflect upon the abundance of new materials that i seem to have acquired over the past few months.
Last term I was working almost exclusively with objects, materials etc that I'd sourced from my attic and basement, that were so familiar that I felt a kind of 'deeper un
derstanding' of them-if that doesn't sound cringingly cheesy[ kate bush reference aside]. meaning that when it came to attempting artworks, everything felt very natural. What with now embracing a wider variety of materials, including many found objects that have no direct emotive link to myself, it's been hard trying to bring them all together in a way that's both visually harmonious and meaningful ...especially in such a short period of time. I think I've made some small progress though.
Tomorrow, I'll be going into college, with some lights and a tripod, to document my progress (and maybe get a few cheeky photos worthy of display for my assessment).

Here's some pictures from stuff I was doing at the start of this term and a couple from before that I've only just managed to work on...just documentation details really...

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