Friday, 23 April 2010


A while ago I organised with the head of year to borrow a room for assessment. I'm really lucky to have gotten the space I need-it's a beautiful life drawing room with a wooden floor and 4 whole amazing walls. It is used regularly throughout the term, though fortunatley is empty for a few days over easter-hence me being allowed to decend upon it with my piles of shite. (much to the displeasure of the life models.)
like I said, I've been lucky. however it's been quite stressful trying to get the placement of everything right. i.e. not to, in a panic, overcrowd it, filling it with every bit of crap I've kept in my studio for the past 7 months. in my work it really matters how everything relates to eachother visually, without trying to sound too pretentious, the aesthetic connections between objects etc.
I'm finding it difficult avoiding shitness. watch this space.

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