Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Today was the first time I have used the production studio in the college. It's basically where the green screen is, but is also home to the photography cove, complete with all kinds of technical equipment that looks, and is, really bloody expensive. I'm beginning to learn about this stuff though. If I'm going to be aiming for half decent photos next year, I've got to know how to do it myself. and do it properly. like all professional, likes. Luckily, today I was working with my boyfriend, who is absurdly good with this kind of thing. and who kindly lent me his camera. which is ever so slightly better than my humble Sony alpha200...

So today was basically some free-standing pieces I'd been meaning to get good pictures of but hadn't gotten round to it. I'm pretty excited by some of the outcomes. the lights down there are just amazing...and obviously having the camera connected to the lights means the flash isn't harsh or single direction. It's also really nice to get a coved, properly white or black background...and space to move about!

My friend mentioned a place in Edinburgh that does very cheap, good prints up to A0. I'm excited by the idea that some of the images taken today could become not just pictures of sculptures but sculptural things in themselves. Something printed to A0 really isn't just a documentary photo anymore, especially in an art context.

A few days ago, I sent away some imagery to get made into a book. it's one of these online things so it could turn up totally naff and unusable- but I'm not too bothered, apart from how expensive it was. It got me thinking how it's really not very original and i should've probably just done it myself.
I realise how important it is for the book project I'm doing in the summer to be made into something really unique. I can't wait to go to Iona and begin it!

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