Saturday, 22 May 2010

walking home from last night's shenanigans in the hot sun I realised with impressive clarity that it is now summer.
summer aims:
-research and begin to plan my dissertation. this includes sourcing good stationary.
-embrace new job.
-start new sketchbook of working thoughts and ideas for new work.
-go to Iona. This is where I want to begin work for the book collaboration. It will hopefully begin to take the shape of a series of works installed in this very unique landscape. also want to relax and enjoy time with mum and matt.
-do Kate Downie's 'red rubber bands' class at Leith School of Art. My cousin Michele is coming over from Mexico and we're going to do this together.
-Go to Wales. and london. to see the arte povera wing in Tate Modern.
-help jess organise her dundee stitch n bitch.
-make imagery to be used in a series of cards and small zines.

may add more but that's enough for now.
now, back to my ainsley harriot soup and my current obsession- earlyER

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