Friday, 25 June 2010

back and redder than ever

a wee sneaky detail of some fun work that was done whilst I was away. Matt and I worked together, him doing photos, me attempting spontaneous, ephemeral was rewarding just having fun with the surrounding materials. couples who collaborate (Dalziel and Scullion, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Christo and Mrs. Christo etc)have a good thing going on! And although Matt is really a film maker now, he has a great understanding and appreciation of fine arty things.better than my understanding of films anyway!

Iona was a really inspring enviroment to be in-i spent about 85 per cent of my time outside [resulting in a substantially weathered face]...there's a certain artistic vibe to Iona-a lot of really fantastic artists have worked there in the past. These lanscapes are stunning in reality, but i find working in them more exciting and inspiring than trying to emulate. i'm a bit more drawn to the shabby, organic qualities in man made structures than awe inspiring nature. what i really love are the faded colours and textures present on barns, bouys, front doors, signs, corregated iron, fences, machienery....all slightly beaten and worn by the sea air and sun. there's the wee area at the north end my mum affectionately calls the 'midden' which is essentially a 1970's rubish dump of old machienery, bottles, crockery and just about anything else non plastic. it was covered up with turf but is now growing out of the land and into the rocks and sea. everything is bright orange with rust and it's hard to tell where people's rubbish ends and Iona's pink rocks begin.
and ofcourse the famous Island light at this time of year. no pollution and the best sunsets you'll ever see at 11p.m. we went to a really amazing bonfire organised by some of the locals on the solstice. it was a massive pyramid of wood, encased in a series of old doors and it went up like a sunnofabitch. braw :)
so yes, many good times, and now it's back to dundee and back to work.
more images soon. gorra get em through Lightroom first.

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