Monday, 19 July 2010

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Been very busy recently. I've been working in St Andrew's (my waitressing is almost as good as my Blondie 'Fab Five Freddie rap' on Rapture i.e. not very) and dotting about in between, taking it easy and getting engrossed with the fascinating world of Arte Povera (my dissertation topic has mutated, in the style of a movie virus, into something stronger and more terrifying than before). In Edinburgh I did a week long art class last week, which was a nice change of scene. I had high hopes, but sadly produced almost nothing I was pleased with. I immediately threw out everything save one mono print, which was a therapeutic if somewhat immature reaction to a week I didn't particularly enjoy. However, I can't fault the interesting topic of the week -'Collections'. I realised how my own studio layout and practice is heavily reliant on the idea of the accumulative effect of materials. It's not just about a bundle of randomly selected 'stuff', but a fascinating, playful insight into someone's mind, the things they love or are naturally drawn to, or even what they obsessively collect.

People collect the nicest and most random of things. My abuela collected duck figurines. They were proudly displayed throughout her house, each getting lovingly dusted every other day. When she died, they were separated amongst us all....but they just weren't the same without her there to keep them together. It seems oddly disjointed when collections are broken up. Last year I found myself getting paranoid about the contents of my messy studio being stolen by mysterious art students with a penchant for peg bags and old Mexican pink hammocks. Surprisingly, my paranoia was unfounded and my own collection of precious materials and objects remained unthreatened. (though i still pay £16 a month to have them all safely stored)

Work wise, I have a few new ideas flowing about for my book project with Peter, have become part of a collective of Edinburgh based artists ( see recently started fb page: Pemplemousse ), pictures that need attention and editing and an inclination to go into printmaking and try a few things out. It's difficult doing photographic work because as much as I want to put final photos up on places like flickr and here, it kind of defeats the point to just put it out there right away. I don't know what the proper protocol for that is....I'd rather not bother than put an ugly watermark over a picture... i guess i don't like the idea of diluting the impact of an image before it's even been seen properly in real life. but yes, it's been good to try and keep a few creative things going on, even if they are small and sometimes unsuccessful.

oo forgot to mention:saw some really lovely Dalziel and Scullion photos in the Botanics. Best thing in the exhibition fo sho....normally I'm not really up for the plant inspired artworks, but these bad boys were really something!

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