Friday, 10 September 2010

Mary Redmond - The Floating World

I previously posted some work by Sara Mackillop in anticipation of going to visit her show 'Similar Variance' at the DCA. Having been to the show twice now, I'd like to post some images from her co-exhibitor Mary Redmond, whose work I preferred simply because I felt such an affinity towards the way she played with materials, and the delicate and precarious nature of her arrangements. I got a lot of joy from the objects she used, such as the round paper lanterns splattered with black paint, as well as her use of raw material...vibrant paint and beautiful fabric.
"Her exhibition is entitled The Floating World, a reference to the artistic a
nd erotic cultures of Edo-period Japan, a time when the urban entertainments of theatres, brothels and tea houses emerged in middle-class Tokyo alongside art and literature that captured the thrill of it all."

(quote from The Scotsman review)

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