Monday, 8 November 2010

copper, rake, fabric

An image that came from some time in the white space in October. At the time, it wasn't particlarly exciting to me but looking at it today on my desk, I kind of like it. I think there's a lot of potential for more use of fabric in my work...

I've also spent a wee bit of time uploading some recent work onto my flickr. I use flickr a lot instead of facebook, as i feel i'm more inclined to edit myself and choose pictures that are more meaningful to me. I've uploaded some more pictures of work that I've posted here, [stuff done in June-October] though I always have a dilemna of whether or not putting lots of my stuff up online is a good idea...I'm still not sure. not because i think anyone would steal it, just because it seems like it maybe diminishes the value..or something? I seem to remember having this problem last year and deciding not to put stuff up...oh well!i'd love to know what anyone else thinks about this....
The shed [aka my studio] is baltic's definately winter now, lads.

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