Thursday, 16 December 2010

one piece from assessments

The above is part of a mini-series that I've rather grandly named 'missapropriation of objects'. The idea for these works involves using characteristics from particular environments as a starting point for new sculptures. I feel that applying these certain traits, such as textures, shapes or colours, from an old thing to a new thing creates an interesting link between them. It helps bond object and place, which seems such an obvious thing to say about installation, but i feel this is done in a more gentle way than some other more gung-ho site specific installations. 
I like the feeling that some things (sculptures, objects, gestures) are never fully complete until they're in their true habit. The barn doors in my studio, for example, are the only place where these two pieces would really make sense and not just look like a couple of pallets loitering perilously on stilts. (which, I grant you, they may still do)

I'm still very much working within the parameters of found things, using them to relate to notions of familiarity and the attachment to objects, but it's the more immediate visual connections that have been intriguing me lately. Getting the right balance of materials is something I didn't really think about last year, (it was a lot of furiously throwing metaphorical paint at the wall and seeing what felt right) but I realise now it's quite a delicate and thoughtful process. So, um, yeah.

Today Matt was kind enough to help me get a few stills of the above and other assessment work. I've just been noodling away on them in photoshop and there are a few gems in there (of course, as M is totally tba), but still might need to go back and get a couple more of my strip-light-willow piece as they were a bit blurry. I'd also like to get a bit of filming done, but maybe after dissertation, yes?


jamie johnson said...

super dope crates Claudia, regret not visiting the barn before the end of semester. Next year fo sho!

Claudia said...

thanx matey. see you in the barn next year-i'll even let you pat the pallets.

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