Monday, 3 January 2011

2010 be gone, be gone

I thought I might post a few photos documenting my past year. It is likely this will be tedious, but if you want to read more, please do.


 January. I document small parts of my studio, which was set up for assessment before Christmas. A semi-installation, meant to be explored, culminating work from september to december 09.


February. I start to find many new and wondrous things. I paint my hair broon and a pallet red and make a series of photographs inspired by it. I also create two lino cuts, based on a peg design. They can be put top to bottom, in a never ending sort of way. continue to make things. Also have my mind bended and eye brow arched by the Kill Your Timid Notion festival at the DCA and got really cold but inspired in Berlin.

March. it seems I was in the small white space again for another week of concentration and frustration. Got a new laptop, which has been incredibly useful for quick processing and trying to beef up my skills. seem to recall there were a lot of fundraisers and sleeping underneath Matt's desk in the edit suite as he worked late into the night on Meta.

April. Have some fun in the production studio. I wanted to get my final images looking like 18th Century portraits -sort of hyper real and very static. I wanted to take the 'every day' and 'ordinary'[those awful expressions!] associations out of the pieces and impose some of the drama found in this era of painting. Er, also had more assessments.. feel average about my work, as i hadn't quite got to grips with the idea that just because you have lots of space, it doesn't mean you have to fill it all up. feedback went very well though.


May! the fourth years have final hand ins and get their degrees. Hannah and me venture to the art bar only to find everyone in a slightly manic state of celebration. Degree show is exciting. me and al walk home at about 8am and the sun is blazing, so i guess that means it's summer!



 Summer... a trip to the beautiful island of Iona. do some work in the landscape and just generally chilled out and had fun. Matt graduates, as does my brother, Pablo. actually, as do a lot of very nice people! Spent a week painting, drawing and printing toothbrushes in Leith. mixed results. Watch far too much ER, go to the big chill, do loads of shit.

September. 4th years begins. move into the shed. make some screen printed fabric. spend another week in the white space. do various things, some good some bad. listen to a lot of fleetwood mac, and do a lot of dancing with captain's Howarth and Imlach, some documented, some, thankfully, not.


October. Make some site-specific work in Edinburgh, using insulation material, baskets, fabric and wood. start making some oblongs and have interesting discussions with my tutor Derrick. Listen to Bobby Womack.

 November. dissertation sets in. mum and I go to London to see the Arte Povera wing in the Tate. try and do some more research. have one of the best nights in a long time dancing wildly to the same 5 songs and coming up with ever more experimental moves. Hid away from the snow, trying to write, feeling increasingly like Jack Torrence.

December. mid-year assessments. lots of new work seems to have appeared. really lovely birthday weekend with my fav people at my mum's lovely flat in stockbridge. lots of drinking and laughter and getting used to a different, less traditional Christmas. good Hogmanay, too, and rather too many memories forgotten. Now, I am tucked away, working on the final part of my dissertation, looking after the dog and generally lording it up in edinburgh.

here's to 5 fun years with someone I love, many great times with my bestest pals Maddie, Hannah and Jess, a time of happy change for my family and a few moments of accomplishment for me.
And to 2011, when hopefully everything will change and I can try and do all the things I've been desperate to do.

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