Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Crail RAF base

 An abandoned series of listed buildings near Crail, located within the old RAF base. These beautiful locations were shown to me by a classmate - and her photos were infinitely more inspiring than google's offerings above. I'm thinking this could be a really valuable location for new works as there is both easy [ish] access and lots of natural light. It's funny how listed buildings like these are not susceptible to the tearing down or re-modelling of urban environments, yet they are completely vulnerable to the natural deterioration common with barns and sheds. As an avid non-combat supporter, I find the artistic re-appropriation of these buildings quite satisfying.

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rose hendry said...

Yesss, these abandoned places must be used. I am planning on going to visit a few places in Fife next week including here if you fancied a visit? Also thank you for commenting on the mezzo forte thing, didn't realise you could comment on here. Duh. xx

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