Monday, 4 April 2011

TateShots: Karla Black

A wee video of Karla Black talking about her work in her studio. What a lovely way she has about relaxed and sincere. What she speaks about at the end of the video I can really relate to - it makes me think of my background in drawing and painting and the fluidity between painting and sculpture that's influenced my work. I can't wait to see her finished show at the Biennale.

"I don't want it to be just pure gesture, in a way that is just an acting out of something, in a way that's a self indulgence to think that's enough, to not work back into it. So I suppose I have to work back into it like a painter. It's a really formal way of working. It's really just thinking about aesthetics in an abstract sense and always thinking about the composition and the relationships between form and colour...that's what a painter does. In the end I'm bringing that sensibility and process into sculpture- that whole process of painting is the sculpture."


Kathryn said...

They're making all of that at my work at the moment! I was helping them move great big rolls of colour chalked paper out of the window this afternoon, how funny.

Are you going to Venice? It looks like its going to be a really good show

Claudia said...

ooh where are you working? must be nice to see stuff all coming together.
yes i'm off to venice on the 27th May to work at the Biennale til August, then awa' to florence -should be good!

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