Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Some things collected from Venice

From top left: The World Belongs To You - Exhibition at Palazzo Grassi, Melanie Smith - representing Mexico in the Biennale, Francisco Tropa - representing Portugal, Luciano Fabro - L'Italia d'oro - selection from the Francois Pinault Collection at Palazzo Grassi, Julian Schnabel - Permanently Becoming and the Architecture of Seeing - Museo Correr, Marisa Merz - No Corresponde Eppur Fiorisce - Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Museo Pino Pascali, Tim Davies - representing Wales, Baciami at San Marco, invite to the opening night party for Scotland's Karla Black show, Frog King - representing Hong Kong, Anish Kapoor - Ascension, Street View, Hany Armanious - representing Australia.

 *Further addition- a picture of Holly, Hannah and myself at our faux graduation, spent drinking prosecco in a gondola (thanks to Creative Scotland! baci!) and sitting on Rialto Pier with a motley crew of Information Assistants. 

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Holly Knox Yeoman said...

real nice layout and good shout outs!

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