Monday, 12 March 2012

pimp my pals vol.1 - Rose Hendry

Often working in close collaboration with cinematographer and all round supertalented guy Ian Forbes, Rose is an artist and film maker from Fife, and a good friend of mine from back in the Dundee days (a few months ago). Having gone on to achieve some very exciting and successful things since graduating from Time Based Art last June, I wanted to post a few pieces of hers here before I start name dropping her all over the place in front of all my cool friends.

What I love most about Rose's work is it's sense of visual clarity and purpose. For all their subtleties and depth, her films are never afraid to pack the visual punch that can be so easily lost through process in video-based work. It greedily sticks to the mind, drawing on disconcerting yet immensely satisfying feelings of symbolic domestic-familiarity, like images collectively imagined from a seedy alter-adolescence. In pieces such as 'Egg & Fag' and 'Bird Bath', the impulsive delight taken in creating certain scenarios jars beautifully with the obvious sophistication with which they're shot, adding further to a vaguely Lynchian sense that all is not what it seems under its glossy exterior .

Whether through music videos, artistic vignettes or more narrative pieces, Rose's work, to my mind, subscribes very much to the idea of visual play and poetics, using colours, objects and gesture as associative symbols to recall everyday actions, whilst remaining firmly in an aesthetically sumptuous non-reality.

Rose is exhibiting some of her recent work at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, from the 27th March until 11th April, as part of the New Contemporaries annual exhibition.

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