Friday, 29 June 2012

Performing Sculpture @ Modern 1

Top Left-Bottom Right: Tessa Lynch, Catrin Jeans, David Sherry, Calvin Laing, Lynch, Deliberate Crumbs

Although almost a month ago now, I thought I'd pop these photos up here just to remind myself that it did actually happen and it wasn't all a lovely, surreal, performance-centric dream. The evening went really well, with a spectacualar turnout and a general good vibe going on, particularly downstairs where the wine was flowing and the music was, well, pretty special. Special being a genuine compliment, of course.  Catrin Jeans really brought some fun with an aerobics influenced interactive performance, infused with the insatiable enthusiasm of a club 18-30 rep and made all the more vibrant by Sol leWitt's banded colour backdrop. Tessa Lynch's ethereal light-projected pieces in the Bruce Mclean room were in stark contrast to this, giving serene and beautifully uncomplicated reactions to spoken word recordings.

I think the evening achieved what we (and National Galleries) set out to do, which was create an event that encouraged the younger crowd of art goers out to Belford Road. With openings happening most weekends in more artist run/low-key loacations, it was kind of refreshing and different to have a one-off event, mid week, that was very much defined by being in such a normally controlled space.

Thanks to all those that organised, came and, of course, took part!

Photo credit: National Galleries of Scotland, edited by myself.

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