Thursday, 15 November 2012

Malcolm Fraser and Kirsten McKee | Adaptation Event

Malcolm Fraser and Kirsten McKee | Adaptation Event
22-28 Cockburn Street | EH1 1NY
7 p.m.

Places are free but limited.
To book, click here.

Collective are hosting a special one-off event with architectural historian, Kirsten McKee and architect, Malcolm Fraser to coincide with the end of our current exhibition, Adaptation. Kirsten recently completed her PhD thesis on the landscape, politics, architecture, social organisation and culture of Calton Hill and its environs throughout history. This research is informing Collective's future plans. Malcolm is Director and founder of Malcolm Fraser Architects who are currently developing an architectural master plan for the long-term development of the City Observatory on Calton Hill for Collective.

In the event, Kirsten will draw on her extensive knowledge of the history and architecture of Calton Hill to introduce and contextualise Collective's new location and its varied history. Malcolm will reflect on his previous experience of working with cultural organisations and redeveloping historic buildings to consider how this new location might impact on Collective's identity, and how such a dramatic change could develop the ambition of the programme.

Adaptation is a phased, year-long research project initiated by Sarah Tripp with Collective. The project considers the effect that change can have on form and content - which is particularly pertinent at this time when the gallery is in its own process of adaptation.

Collective plan to relocate to The Old City Observatory from July 2013 and will develop a programme for the new space to occupy the site in a phased way over the next year.

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As our time at Collective comes to an end, Carly and I decided to programme a tie-in event relating to Collective's Big Move next year. Really looking forward to it, and hoping lots of people can come - we're super excited to have nabbed these two great speakers.

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